Thursday, September 23, 2010

Packing Right and Light

Since Mark and I have started traveling together I have never checked a bag, ever.  He thinks of himself as a master packer, and is pretty good at editing my packing list when I come downstairs with piles of clothes. 

We have gone to Rome for a week, Hawaii for a week, our wedding and honeymoon and I have still never checked a bag.  

There are a few reasons for this: I don't like to carry a bag and I don't like to wait (and now pay) for my checked bag.  I have learned that if you pack smartly you usually won't need to check a bag, either!

When we went to India for a week we shared a backpack and a carry on duffel bag.  That is it, and I still came home with unworn clothes.

Here is what I packed - or a very close match at least:

The trick for packing light and not feeling like you're a wandering backpacker is to pick wearable pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways; skinny jeans are perfect day or night, same with the jersey skirt and cardigan.  

As I have mentioned previously I am not a "product girl" so I don't have a separate caboodle for my makeup supplies.  I brought with me the Laura Mercier bronze/blush duo and cake liner and smashbox lip gloss.  I do not ever travel with a blow dryer - every hotel in a first world country has one, even the hotels in India, and on occasion I will bring a hair straightener.  

I fly in my bulkiest items, and shoes; that means I wear boots on a plane, or in this case my ballerina sneakers.  I always fly with a pashmina, which doubles as a blanket in flight, and if I am bringing a jacket for the trip I usually don't have it packed so that I can easily access it when I am out of the airport.

Memories from travel are not made in front of the mirror, so I pack light, move quickly and take lots of pictures!

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