Monday, January 10, 2011

Loving the Rockies

In any mountain town, or Disney gift shop, you'll be likely to find barrels of "gem stones".  My sister and I collected them, I think with the intention of using them for something really fabulous.

Now I wish I had them.  For early spring, I am really loving the look of rough cut, jagged stones on Jewelry.  

I have seen a few examples in boutiques around town, and for a celebrity comparison Cameron Diaz in 2007 really comes to mind. 


As Ms. Diaz illustrates the bold, oversized and natural stones add a playful sensibility to even the most dramatic gown.  They have a unique and interesting sparkle that seems more unique and less fussy.  Besides, with a good tan these pieces are a stunner.  

Warm weather, where are you?

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