Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buttoned Up

Two rules I subscribe too: if you can wear shorts, wear them, and it's either legs or bust, but never both.  That second rule I actually borrowed from Victoria Beckham - thank you.

In any case for this spring, which I am desperately waiting for, in addition to wide leg and flare jeans and peasant tops, I like the pulled together sophisticated look of a tailored short (no rips, no fading) and a chiffon, silk, sheer button down blouse.

Here are the favorites du jour...

Clean, breathable, polished... Also a sign that I have lived in DC for a long time.  Please know that I will keep it real and not wear this ensemble with Tory Burch flats (though, they are great), but probably with a sky high wedge.  Thank you, very much!

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