Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Light as a Feather

Inspiration can come from anywhere, a song, a season, and as we've seen here a dress.  Lately I have been piqued by the Beyond Vintage Feather Dress; in silk and dove gray it might be the perfect dress for spring and it would transition seamlessly, with the ease of a feather, from day to night.

Beyond Vintage Feather Dress at Barneys New York

Let's see how a feather inspires an entire wedding scheme.  With the hues of dove gray, creams, golds and the softest shade of pink the look is elegant, sophisticated, soft and airy. 
Dove Grey Feather Wedding
Here are some key items that stand out and are easy to replicate for any space: the sweet gilded bird cage for cards, or best wishes; the long table shrouded in twinkle lights and branches; soft and feather light peony flowers; the soft glow of candle light; a feather detail on a boutonniere; the wisp of silk chiffon on a wedding gown; dainty feather earrings as a gift for the girls.

Inspiration can come from anywhere - I hope you are surrounded by things and people that inspire you.

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