Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's a White Out

I have never worn a white dress.

I have worn a white tunic, millions of white tank tops and tees, but never a white dress. Not on my wedding day, and not even on my Confirmation ( wore a white pencil skirt and a white top - I was a
real dare devil).

But it is officially summer, and while a LBD (little black dress) is seasonless and timeless, summer heat and happy hours really do beg for white. I have searched my favorite search site, sorry Google, to find my favorite dresses in white for the season.

Cilla Dress - French Connection

I love this for a casual wedding perhaps, or summer party. I could also see this being great for a shower/rehearsal dinner/brunch.
Marilyn Dress by Kimchi Blue - Urban Outfitters
I love a shirt dress. And I love an open back. This little dress, which is now on sale, is the best of both worlds - and despite being white is crying out for a BBQ party!

Ponti-Roma Pencil Dress -
This dress is a for white hot glam moment. It is styled after a dress Victoria Beckham wore and to wear it in white is to really make a statement (wearing it in red, the other option, isn't exactly for the faint of heart either). I think this would be perfect for a cocktail party, special date night - maybe the W roof top?

Criss Cross Jersey Maxi Dress -
I love the ease of this style. It is very "so Florida". I would pack this away for a day-to-night honeymoon option, or consider this for a casual summer houseparty; ie house warming sometime in August/September.

Well, I know what to wear now I just need to find some events.

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